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Anti-vandal washbasin BSAU 01

666,27 838,81 
BSAU 01 is an anti-vandal washbasin made of stainless steel, with automatic control.

Antivandal combined set BSK 01

Technical data: Supply: G1" cold water for the toilet fountain, G1/2" for the sink Drainage: 110 mm Dimensions: 1000 x 1120 x 550 mm Weight: 70 kg

Antivandal combined set BSK 02

2.860,38 3.218,00 
Technical data:  Supply: G1/2" , G1" Drainage: 110 mm Voltage: 12V, 50 Hz Weight: 45 kg (depending of the version)

Antivandal washbasin BSAU 02

Safety washbasin specially designed for areas where there is a high risk of damage to sanitary equipment

Automatic sink AUM 031

418,50 1.090,25 
Stainless sink for the installation on the wall

Automatic sink VLU 01

2.324,00 2.408,25 
Stainless steel automatic sink equipped with mixer with handle and sink with sensor-operated tap.

Automatic stainless steel washbasin AUM 01

317,21 895,22 
AUM 01 is a stainless steel sink equipped with an AUM 3 faucet. When the hands are placed in the scanning zone, the water flows automatically...

Automatic stainless steel washbasin with a sanitary knife tank AUM 07S

1.886,88 2.364,25 
Stainless steel automatic washbasin with sanitary knife tank

Automatic wall sink AUM 022 N and AUM 022 Z

291,38 963,63 
Small stainless wall sink

Countertop with sinks PUN 02

1.217,50 2.746,29 
Stainless steel countertop with round washbasins

Countertop with stainless steel washbasins – for hanging or installation PUN 01

1.006,63 2.352,25 
Stainles steel counter top with washbasins

Freestanding sensor sink AUM 06

832,13 1.607,13 
Sensor controlled stainless steel freestanding sink