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Antifreeze for central heating 25 liters

980,00 kn (130,07 €)
Antifreeze heat transfer fluid with corrosion protection, for both heating and cooling systems. Frost protection (undiluted) to -80 ° C diluted 1: 2 Protection at -15 ° C, 1: 3 Protection at -11 ° C

Antifreeze for solar heating Solarten Super+

175,00 kn (23,23 €) 1.970,00 kn (261,46 €)
Solarten super+ antifreeze for solar heating for Regulus solar collectors, freezing point (temperature at which the fluid becomes like slush) -28 °C. Solarten super specifications [PDF]

Boiler cleaner – ASTRA THERM

84,80 kn (11,25 €) 409,00 kn (54,28 €)
ASTRA THERM cleaner for boilers, stoves, fireplaces, soot grills, resins and tars Packaging: PE spray bottle, 1 liter Available now  

Cable for cleaning chimneys

63,75 kn (8,46 €) 431,25 kn (57,24 €)
Cable for cleaning chimneys, length six, eight or ten meters.

Chimney cleaning powder – ASTRA EXPRESS

31,00 kn (4,11 €) 38,00 kn (5,04 €)

Flat steel brush M12

45,00 kn (5,97 €)
Flat steel boiler cleaning brush with M12 cable nut

Round steel brush fi 20-200 mm

33,75 kn (4,48 €) 43,75 kn (5,81 €)
Steel brush for cleaning chimneys Steel brush for cleaning boilers

Soot remover sticks SOOTOMAGIC

23,70 kn (3,15 €)
SOOTOMAGIC is a unique stick soot removal product. It catalytically lowers the combustion temperature of the soot and allows the soot to burn completely. Quickly removes soot from the entire surface of the boiler (furnace). It removes soot even after consuming sticks. Fits all combustion chamber openings. It is not corrosive, it is not explosive. It does not contain lead. Soot, a combination of heating oil and various forms of carbon normally burns at a temperature between 510 ° C and 540 ° C. Using SOOTOMAGIC, the combustion temperature of soot is reduced to between 287 ° C and 315 ° C. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Use one stick for every 30 kW. Boilers with thicker soot deposits may require a larger number of rods. 1. Light the burner to heat the firebox. 2. Insert the unopened rod and close the inspection opening and the ash opening. 3. Wait for the soot to burn. The time required for soot to burn depends on the thickness of the deposits.

Viadrus boiler brush

26,66 kn (3,54 €)