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Wood boiler Atmos S and GS – pyrolysis

2.914,18 10.600,74 
  • Pyrolitic wood boiler
  • Heat effect: from 15 to 100kW
  • Fuel: wood

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Combined boiler for central heating Combitherm 45

Combined boiler on wood and pellets Thermal power: from 10 to 45kW Fuel: wood, briquettes, coal, pellets, cherry pits, hazelnut husks and similar biofuels


Antifreeze for central heating 25 liters

Antifreeze heat transfer fluid with corrosion protection, for both heating and cooling systems. Frost protection (undiluted) to -80 ° C diluted 1: 2 Protection at -15 ° C, 1: 3 Protection at -11 ° C

Antifreeze for solar heating Solarten Super+

23,23 261,46 
Solarten super+ antifreeze for solar heating for Regulus solar collectors, freezing point (temperature at which the fluid becomes like slush) -28 °C. Solarten super specifications [PDF]

Dirt trap PN16 No 65

Cast iron dirt trap PN16 NO65

Pellet boiler Centrometal CentroPelet ZVB

2.361,14 3.602,76 
Central heating boiler Thermal output: from 15 to 32kW Fuel: pellets CentroPelet ZVB are wood pellet boilers intended for heating the room with water via radiator central heating. They are of steel construction, modern design and high efficiency. They take up little space, which allows them to be installed in even the smallest boiler rooms. It is possible to upgrade the wi-fi module that allows you to control this boiler via a mobile application. They are supplied with: built-in pump, safety valve, vent pot, pressure switch, expansion vessel.

Pellet boiler Centrometal PelTec-E

3.848,30 4.744,84 
Central heating boiler Thermal output: from 12 to 48kW Fuel: pellets

Pipe for floor heating 16×2 – WAVIN

WAVIN EKOPLASTIK PEX - pex cijev 16x2 za podno grijanje - PEXTRK016X - za sustave dobave vruće i hladne vode za sve potrebe sanitarne i pitke vode, kao i sustave grijanja

Solar regulation STDC E

Control with 3 sensors and 1 solar consumer, display showing the selected operating variant, multilingual menu and system operation chart.
Control diferentiating
For solar Yes
Code 13164
Tehnički list stdc-e [PDF]