What is Internet of things and how can it help us?

The Internet of Things refers to the wireless connection of devices over the Internet.

This applies not only to laptops, smartphones and tablets, but also to some everyday devices that are not meant to be connected to the Internet, such as clocks, thermostats or refrigerators.

The idea for the IoT emerged in the early 1980s when the term itself was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999. IoT has found its application in virtually every segment of modern human life.

From medicine and healthcare, through transportation to agriculture and construction, IoT is used to optimize and save energy.

It uses three types of communication: communication of things with people, communication between things and communication between devices (machine to machine).

Communication can be achieved using known standards, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID. A great example of an application are smart homes.

With your mobile phone you can control lighting, heating, TV, security system…

The applications are practically endless.

A long-term benefit could be energy savings as IoT allows automatic checking and switching off of lights and electrical devices.

The IoT has brought a revolution in heating and energy saving.

Today, we can monitor the temperature of each room separately via a mobile application and turn the central heating system on and off as needed.

According to calculations by the Fraunhofer Institute, smart homes can reduce their heating bill by up to 40%. One way to achieve savings is by having a smart home detect an open window and automatically turn off the heating system.

Through the mobile app, smart homes allow users to track energy consumption over time.

iot platforma

Also, users can see how much power a particular device plugged into the power consumes.

This will certainly affect the mindset of the consumer and very likely encourage him to consume energy more rationally.

When it comes to power supply, smart rooftop homes have solar panels. However, the challenge is energy that is not consumed, ie its storage.

IoT leads us into a future where technology will take care of things that people don’t want or need to think about and steer us on the optimal path.

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