Antivandal sanitary facilities made of stainless steel, usually with automatic control. Due to their design, they are intended for installation in the walls of penitentiaries, prisons, etc., ie wherever high safety standards and hygiene are required.

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Anti-vandal shower head 7L/min SP 2

Fixed, galvanized anti-vandal shower head with a flow of 7 liters per minute.

Anti-vandal shower head 9L/min SP 4

Tilting economical shower head with a flow rate of 7-9 liters per minute (depending on water pressure).

Anti-vandal shower head SP 3

Tilting galvanized shower head with a flow of 7-9 liters per minute (depending on water pressure).

Anti-vandal shower head SP 5

Anti-vandal shower head with a flow of 12 liters per minute. It has a tilt outlet and limescale aerator. The shower head is protected from theft by an imbus Allen screw; therefore it cannot be dismantled without tools.

Anti-vandal subsurface shower unit BSZA 01

The BSZA 01 is an anti-vandal subsurface shower unit. Variations: with or without thermostatic valve.

Anti-vandal wall-mounted tap BSAU 03

The BSAU 03 is a safety washbasin tapdesigned for wall mounting. The user controls the temperature of the running water

Antivandal combined set BSK 01

Technical data: Supply: G1" cold water for the toilet fountain, G1/2" for the sink Drainage: 110 mm Dimensions: 1000 x 1120 x 550 mm Weight: 70 kg

Antivandal combined set BSK 02

2.860,38 3.218,00 
Technical data:  Supply: G1/2" , G1" Drainage: 110 mm Voltage: 12V, 50 Hz Weight: 45 kg (depending of the version)

Antivandal flush system BSAZ 01

Safe toilet flushing system ready for installation

Antivandal flush system BSAZ 01.P

The BSAZ 01.P is a built-in safety system for flushing toilets. Thanks to its robust construction, the flushing system is

Antivandal flushing toilet system for people with disabilities AUZ 3 INV

Pressure flushing system, designed for people with disabilities

Antivandal shower BSAS 03

Antivandal wall shower