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Anti-vandal shower head 7L/min SP 2

Fixed, galvanized anti-vandal shower head with a flow of 7 liters per minute.

Anti-vandal shower head 9L/min SP 4

Tilting economical shower head with a flow rate of 7-9 liters per minute (depending on water pressure).

Anti-vandal shower head SP 3

Tilting galvanized shower head with a flow of 7-9 liters per minute (depending on water pressure).

Anti-vandal shower head SP 5

Anti-vandal shower head with a flow of 12 liters per minute. It has a tilt outlet and limescale aerator. The shower head is protected from theft by an imbus Allen screw; therefore it cannot be dismantled without tools.

Anti-vandal subsurface shower unit BSZA 01

The BSZA 01 is an anti-vandal subsurface shower unit. Variations: with or without thermostatic valve.

Anti-vandal wall-mounted tap BSAU 03

The BSAU 03 is a safety washbasin tapdesigned for wall mounting. The user controls the temperature of the running water

Anti-vandal washbasin BSAU 01

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BSAU 01 is an anti-vandal washbasin made of stainless steel, with automatic control.

Antivandal combined set BSK 01

Technical data: Supply: G1" cold water for the toilet fountain, G1/2" for the sink Drainage: 110 mm Dimensions: 1000 x 1120 x 550 mm Weight: 70 kg

Antivandal combined set BSK 02

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Technical data:  Supply: G1/2" , G1" Drainage: 110 mm Voltage: 12V, 50 Hz Weight: 45 kg (depending of the version)

Antivandal flush system BSAZ 01

Safe toilet flushing system ready for installation

Antivandal flush system BSAZ 01.P

The BSAZ 01.P is a built-in safety system for flushing toilets. Thanks to its robust construction, the flushing system is

Antivandal flushing toilet system for people with disabilities AUZ 3 INV

Pressure flushing system, designed for people with disabilities