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Combined boiler for central heating Combitherm 45

24.950,29 kn28.925,74 kn

Combined boiler on wood and pellets Thermal power: from 10 to 45kW Fuel: wood, briquettes, coal, pellets, cherry pits, hazelnut husks and similar biofuels


Pellet boiler Pelltherm

17.341,44 kn21.587,28 kn
Pellet boiler for central heating Power: from 15 to 45 kW Efficiency: 92%
Delivery time: 7 working days

Pellet burner VIADRUS , pellet set

10.327,50 kn
The Pelltherm pellet set is intended for burning wood pellets, and is designed for installation on VIADRUS U22 solid fuel hot water boilers.

Device for preventing low return water temperature to the boiler

699,85 kn
The main function of the VO-4 assembly for controlling a solid fuel boiler pump is to prevent condensation of the boiler during the transition periods of boiler heating and cooling.