How to prepare a home for the winter?

5 things you need to pay attention to to successfully prepare your home for winter


In addition to reducing losses in the winter, insulation is also useful in the summer as it retains heat outside. Whether you have insulation or not, the fact is that the exterior walls are cooling more than we would like. That is why it is always wise to protect yourself additionally from the cold. Additional insulation will provide you with things you already have in the house. It is up to you to arrange them optimally. Tapestries, mirrors and even paintings can be useful not only as decoration, but also as an insulator. Also, insulating wallpaper is a convenient option. Wallpapers can raise the internal temperature by 1 degree and reduce heat loss by a quarter.


During the day it is good to let sunlight into the house. In this way, you additionally heat the space without costing you anything. However, at night when the temperature drops significantly, the window that allowed heat to enter the home is now where you lose the most heat. To keep your home relatively warm in the morning, put “winter curtains” on the windows (thicker material, which covers the entire window profile), lower the blinds so that the lower part rests on the window sill. And of course, close the room door.


In most cases, you will find glass on the front door. Of course, this glass is not optimized to reduce heat loss, but is placed as a fashion detail. The situation is further aggravated if the door is thin. Due to such a weak insulator, the temperature in your home can drop by an additional 5 to 10 degrees. It is recommended to cover the door with a thick curtain that can significantly reduce heat loss.


Something you probably didn’t pay attention to can reduce your heating bill. The arrangement of the furniture plays a big role. Switch furniture that stands against partition walls to stand next to exterior walls. If your bed is against an outside wall, you risk a stiff back and neck. One solution lies in the massive and high headboard of the bed. A faster and cheaper solution is to cover the walls with cardboard or styrofoam. Even the advertising material with which they often bury your mailbox can serve a purpose.


Another part of your home where you lose heat. If the concrete floor is covered only with parquet or laminate, your heating bill grows unnecessarily. Protect yourself and your family by placing a rug or better yet, a rug. If you want to go a step further and keep warm further, spread a newspaper under the rug.