9 tips for saving on heating [without sacrificing the feeling of warmth]

kako ustediti pri grijanju

9 tips for saving on heating [without sacrificing the feeling of warmth]

Temperatures have dropped significantly and another heating season is here. If you’re not happy with last year’s energy consumption (and the costs that accompany consumption), these 9 tips might help you.

When saving is mentioned in the context of heating most people immediately think of freezing and not ventilating the room, but it is not saving. Savings is a reduction in consumption while the feeling of warmth remains the same.

Here are 9 tips on how to save without sacrificing the feeling of warmth:

    1. Above the radiators that are placed under the window, place shelves so that the heat is reflected from the window and goes towards the middle of the room. Although the shelf itself will take the heat and heat the room, it is important that there is a gap between the radiator and the shelf.
    2. You should not draw curtains over the radiator, as this reduces efficiency, ie part of the heat is reflected and lost at the window.
    3. You can place aluminum foil behind the radiator (eg the one you use in the car for sun protection) and thus reduce the heat loss that would otherwise go to the wall.
    4. If all the radiators are open but not equally warm – the heating system is not balanced! Invite an expert to inspect the system as losses due to an unbalanced system can be large. For this and similar reasons, it is important to service the heating system once a year.
    5. When you are not using the room – close the radiators. When heating a room, close the door to conserve heat.
    6. If there are no radiators under the windows, you can put heavy, full curtains with many folds on them so as to keep warm and prevent cold air from entering the room. Make sure the creases touch the wall on the left and right sides of the window.
    7. If you have blinds on the window, lower them all the way so that their edge rests on the floor or window sill. Shutters can save a lot if you do this.
    8. Air often passes at the edge of a door or window, thus losing heat. You can prevent this by sticking spongy adhesive tapes, plastic tapes or copper ones on these edges.
    9. With the entrance door, as an additional protection against heat loss, you can mount a “rail” and hang a heavy curtain on it.

There is no point in getting angry at a high heating bill when you are the one creating it. No measuring instrument or distributor saves heat energy. You are the one who can save, but don’t do it by freezing, because then you will save the least and increase the cost of health care.


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