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Antivandal combined set BSK 01

Technical data: Supply: G1" cold water for the toilet fountain, G1/2" for the sink Drainage: 110 mm Dimensions: 1000 x 1120 x 550 mm Weight: 70 kg  

Antivandal combined setBSK 02

Technical data:  Supply: G1/2" , G1" Drainage: 110 mm Voltage: 12V , 50 Hz Weight: 40 kg ( depending of the version)

Antivandal flush system BSAZ 01

3.216,73 kn
Safe toilet flushing system ready for installation

Antivandal flushing system BSAZ 01.P

BSAZ 01.P is a built-in safety system for flushing toilets. Thanks to its robust construction, the flushing system is intended

Antivandal flushing toilet system for people with disabilities AUZ 3 INV

3.956,46 kn
Pressure flushing system, designed for people with disabilities

Antivandal shower BSAS 03

5.210,42 kn
Antivandal wall shower

Antivandal sink BSAU 02

Safety sink specially designed for areas where there is a high risk of damage to sanitary equipment