Izdvojeni proizvodi

    Wood boiler ATMOS GD – pyrolysis

    17.297,50 kn26.105,63 kn
    Boilers Generator Dokogen is characterized by a special chamber lined on both sides with specially shaped ceramic parts, a primary

    Wood boiler 20kW – pyrolysis , ATMOS DC18S

    8.883,00 kn
    EXHIBITION SAMPLE! Pyrolytic wood boiler Thermal output: 20 kW Fuel: wood

    Wood boiler Atmos S i GS – pyrolysis

    12.112,50 kn54.134,38 kn
    Pirolitički kotao na drva Toplinski učinak: od 15 do 100kW Gorivo: drvo

    Wood boiler – VIADRUS U22 ECONOMY

    12.121,88 kn17.462,25 kn
    U22 Economy - technical card Cast iron pyrolysis boiler Thermal effect: 16-41 kW

    Combined boiler for central heating Combitherm 45

    24.950,29 kn28.925,74 kn

    Combined boiler on wood and pellets Thermal power: from 10 to 45kW Fuel: wood, briquettes, coal, pellets, cherry pits, hazelnut husks and similar biofuels


    Wood boiler – Centrometal EKO-CKB P

    7.290,00 kn9.882,00 kn
    Boiler for central heating Thermal power: from 20 to 50kW Fuel: wood, pellets, oil, gas

    Wood boiler Centrometal EKO-CK P

    4.914,00 kn11.763,00 kn
    Boiler for central heating Thermal power: from 14 to 110kW Fuel: wood, pellet, oil, gas

    Pellet boiler Pelltherm

    17.341,44 kn21.587,28 kn
    Pellet boiler for central heating Power: from 15 to 45 kW Efficiency: 92%
    Delivery time: 7 working days

    Pellet burner VIADRUS , pellet set

    10.327,50 kn
    The Pelltherm pellet set is intended for burning wood pellets, and is designed for installation on VIADRUS U22 solid fuel hot water boilers.

    Wood furnance Brigitta GB

    5.880,00 kn
    Enamelled cast iron wood stove Strenght 4,7 kW For 134 m3

    Wood furnance Candy

    6.950,00 kn
    enamelled cast iron wood furnance Strenght6,2 kW For 177 m3

    Wood furnance Jennifer

    11.495,00 kn
    Enamelled cast iron wood stove
    Strenght 7,5 kW
    For 215 m3